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I find crackpot theories interesting. I tend not to believe them, but I find how much imagination and detail that goes into them fascinating. I have no problem if someone wishes to report some of them and the animation definitely helps it to be more of a compelling story.
But here is where I get angry and why you are being trolled. You say for us to make up our own minds but in your videos you don't just report these theories - you try to SELL them. You are never once a tiny bit skeptical about them. You try to link these stories with scientific evidence and incorporate analogies to try and persuade us that these theories are true. So then it comes across that you aren't trying to share something with us - you are try to convert us. And many people here on newgrounds get pissed off when people try and ram what they believe down our throats.
I have given you a 5 because it's wrong to 0 bomb someone just because they think differently to other people. But I don't like how you present your information. In future don't show off such one sided productions. Just present them neutrally, as ideas, so people can make their own, fair decisions.


Joke got a tad bit predicable but the animation was good. Very funny he HE!

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Thanks for the critique, my good sir!



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Slow to start, and i didn't feel like the game explained all it's elements to me (eg the seaguls - did they offer souls, or are they an obstacle?). However i liked the premise, it gave me a sense of purpose unique from other games of this genre, and the game worked well enough for me to enjoy playing it. I look forward to seeing an improved sequel!

Very fun

Lots of cool ideas went into here and it felt very fresh but the one problem that stopped the full marks was the lag - nearly all my deaths were lag related. I did everything I could on my laptop - maybe it just sucks but I felt there was no reason for it to be over worked. Ah well good job!

Great Game

Works just how a TD defense game should and using pokemon as a twist is fantastically refreshing. The system of capturing and leveling pokemon works great and there's a level of strategy involved. I only have a couple of gripes and my own suggestions of fixing them -
Use of Defense/Spec Def Stats - I don't know if you have this already sorted but to me those stats useless in this game. However what if def stats improved the efficiency of passive moves, either through how fast you can use a move like Leer or how much it lowers an enemies defense?
The Story - Although the story isn't amazing, I actually think it works for this game. But it is a bit fanboyish and could benefit from bringing in someone that has a talent for writing scripts. I know you've said you're just a game designer in the face of similar criticisms but getting a writer on your team might make a better story.
Anyway I love playing this game and can't wait for future updates.

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Very catchy! And British sounding!

nal1200 responds:



Found my new ringtone.

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Cool little song

You should cover this song more often xD

DrewtheMew responds:

Now if you had look at my 7 other versions of the song i have up... lol

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Ren And Stimpy + Deadpool = Win


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